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Ricardo Scheihing-Vasquez





Matias Hernandez in “Bump”




Ricardo Scheihing-Vasquez stars as Matias Hernandez, father to Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr.), husband to Rosa (Paula Garcia), the school soccer coach – and Angie’s (Claudia Karvan) work crush – in The CW’s new series “Bump.”


Scheihing-Vasquez is Chilean-Australian who arrived in Australia with his parent in 1985 as a political refugee. After finishing high school in Sydney, Scheihing-Vasquez moved back to Chile and spent eight years as a Physical Education teacher. In 2002, Scheihing-Vasquez returned to Sydney. “Bump” is his first experience as an actor.


He has two sons and is the passionate coach of their soccer teams.













June 2022