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Anjelika Washington

Beth Chapel on “DC’s Stargirl”


            Anjelika Washington stars as Beth Chapel / Dr. Mid-Nite on The CW’s drama “DC’s Stargirl.”


            Washington is an exceptional television and film actress who discovered her love for the arts through theater in high school. The young star bursts on the scene with an effervescent personality and infectious smile, commanding attention from the audience through the character she brings to life on screen. In her breakout role as Beth Chapel on “DC’s Stargirl,” Washington plays a high school freshman who takes the place of original Dr. Mid-Nite as a member of the new Justice Society of America. Beth Chapel was best known as a healer and hero and was one of the few black female superheroes at the time of her debut.


            Born in Bakersfield, California, Washington spent most of her childhood competing in competitive all-star cheerleading throughout Southern California and the country. As a young girl, she shined as a gymnast until she fell in love with the arts, which led her to audition for school productions and land coveted roles. After graduating from college, Washington moved to Los Angeles to seriously pursue television and film.


            The Bakersfield native began her career as a series regular on Amazon’s “The Legend of Master Legend” playing John Hawkes’ daughter. She has appeared in several roles, including Showtime’s “Shameless” and the CBS comedy “Young Sheldon.” Washington also recurred on Marvel’s hit series “Runaways” on Hulu. She has starred in Netflix’s #1 film “Tall Girl,” and can currently be seen in the sequel “Tall Girl 2.” Washington most recently starred in a Dove-sponsored series brought forth by Lena Waithe’s “Girls Room,” an anthology-style series exploring female adolescence, and will next appear in “Love and Gelato” for Netflix.


            Born into a family of humanitarians, Washington and her mother started a cheerleading squad for autistic high school students in Bakersfield, California. The same humanitarian spirit continues as Washington is incredibly committed to child healthcare support efforts via entertainment programs with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA). Initially introduced to CHLA through acting teacher Elizabeth Simon, Washington quickly took to the role of a volunteer event coordinator. She thoroughly enjoys putting a smile on the faces of families impacted by severe illnesses. As a coordinator, Washington organizes fun events for families to ease their minds from the harsh realities of fighting diseases. The DC superhero continues to be a staunch advocate for community service, dance programs and art projects centered on helping children.


June 2022