Talent Name
Geoff Johns

Executive Producer / Showrunner of “DC’s Stargirl”


            Geoff Johns is the creator, executive producer and showrunner on The CW’s “DC’s Stargirl.”


            Johns is an award-winning and New York Times bestselling writer, film and television producer and showrunner, known for re-imagining superheroes and other iconic mythologies, past and present. Johns is best known for his work on properties such as “Green Lantern,” “Aquaman,” “The Flash,” “Shazam!,” “Superman” and “Justice Society of America.” Since the beginning of his creative career, Johns’ hallmark has been writing heroic and inclusive characters, including teenage hero Courtney Whitmore aka “Stargirl,” inspired by his real-life late sister; the “Shazam Family,” which he re-imagined into a diverse modern family of today; and the first Arab-American “Green Lantern” Simon Baz, as well as the explosive multi-colored “Lantern” mythology that defined his decade-long bestselling “Green Lantern” run, among many, many others.


            Additionally, Johns has written for and/or executive produced hit television shows “Doom Patrol,” “Titans,” “The Flash,” “Superman & Lois,” “Robot Chicken,” “Arrow” and “Smallville,” as well as the upcoming “Green Lantern.


            Johns’ best known film credits include the hits “Wonder Woman” (executive producer), “Wonder Woman 1984” (also co-writer), “Aquaman” (also story) and “Shazam!” (executive producer), which was based on his graphic novel.


            Born in Detroit to a Lebanese father, Johns was honored with his own permanent section at the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Most recently, he launched the hit creator-owned series “Geiger” for Image Comics and his company Mad Ghost, centering around a mysterious radioactive family man named “Tariq Geiger” and opening the door to an entire new universe of characters and worlds.


July 2022