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Alessandro Borghi



Massimo Ruggero in “Devils”

Alessandro Borghi stars as Massimo Ruggero, a talented Italian, who is the Head of Trading at NYL, in the series “Devils” on The CW. Four years after Sofia’s death, Massimo is CEO at NYL - now backed by Chinese shareholders - but his life is empty. He and the other members of the team have drifted apart, and he spends his nights alone in his sparse London apartment. Dominic’s (Patrick Dempsey) return prompts a reevaluation of the Chinamerica policy that NYL has benefited so much from and in the shocking aftermath of the Brexit referendum, Massimo finds himself questioning everything, both sides of a new war between China and the West. Under threat, he has to try to find a way to protect not only himself and his friends, but also Europe.


Borghi is an Italian actor who has appeared in more than twenty films since 2006. He is part of the main cast of “Suburra” and “Suburra: Blood on Rome.” He won the David di Donatello for Best Actor in 2019 for his portrayal of building surveyor Stefano Cucchi, a victim of police brutality, in the film “On My Skin.”






















August 2022


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