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Clara Rosager



Nadya Wojcik in “Devils”


Clara Rosager stars as Nadya Wojcik in the series “Devils” on The CW. Nadya is quite genius with borderline autistic traits that make all social interactions difficult for her. Dominic (Patrick Dempsey) hires Nadya after seeing her predict the final moves of a Go match before the players. Like Dominic, she too has no family, save for her grandmother. She finds a father figure in Dominic, but she soon starts questioning his true intentions: when the 2020 pandemic hits the world, what just cause will she fight for? The answers she has been looking for might lead to a new whole line of financial action…


Rosager’s recent projects include the new series “1899” from the creators of “Dark.” She’s known for starring in the series “The Rain” and her feature film credits include “Morbius” for Marvel Studios, “Misbehaviour” for Pathé opposite Keira Knightley, Mikkel Noer’s “Before the Frost” which opened at the TIFF in 2018, and her debut breakout film “123 NU” about a young woman’s battle with cancer.






















August 2022

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