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Lars Mikkelsen



Daniel Duval in “Devils”


Lars Mikkelsen stars as Daniel Duval, who has an indecipherable face, gaunt from years of secrecy, and cold eyes, in the series “Devils” on The CW. Hacktivist and libertarian Daniel Duval is still in prison will prove an unlikely ally for both Dominic (Patrick Dempsey) and Massimo (Alessandro Borghi). Even from his prison cell, he can mobilize his shadowy network of hackers to move “behind the scenes” twisting events when least expected. Will Duval warn Massimo of Dominic’s ulterior motives in this war for Global data? With Massimo on Dominic’s trail, all Duval has to do is wait in order to get the leverage he desires to escape and return to the shadows…


At the age of 27, Danish actor Mikkelsen enrolled at the National Theatre School of Denmark from which he graduated in 1995. In addition to his role in the drama series released worldwide as “The Killing,” he subsequently appeared in two other internationally acclaimed Danish drama series, “Those Who Kill” and “Borgen III.”


He also had a leading role in an episode of the BBC drama “Sherlock” as blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen. In the American television series “House of Cards,” he played the president of Russia. He won an International Emmy Award in 2018 for his role in Danish television drama “Herrens Veje,” which was broadcast in the UK in 2019 as “Ride Upon the Storm.”




















August 2022

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