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Pia Mechler




Eleanor Bourg in “Devils”


Pia Mechler stars as Eleanor Bourg, a strikingly beautiful, confident German woman who is used to getting what she wants, and intimidates men, in the series “Devils” on The CW. Eleanor resents not being named Head of Trading, not just with Massimo (Alessandro Borghi), but also with new recruit, Zhi (Li Jun Li). She feels the job should be hers, Zhi disagrees and wants to motivate Eleanor to prove herself, but her attempts will be far from easy. Despite everything, Eleanor does not hesitate to prove her loyalty to Massimo. But when Massimo sets out a new path, will she help him fight the new war? Will she be still Massimo’s right hand?


Born in Germany to a German father and a Polish/Chilean mother, Mechler studied film at the acclaimed European Film College in Denmark. After graduation she launched her career as an actress in German film and TV.


Melcher’s first part on British TV was in “The Color of Magic” alongside Sir David Jason, Sean Astin and Jeremy Irons in 2008, followed by the lead role in the British independent film “Invisible Eyes.” Shortly thereafter, she moved to NYC where she is currently based, while still working on both sides of the Atlantic.


Melcher is also a writer and director. She is the author of Remisuri, a novel published by Shelff Germany. She wrote, directed and starred in the web series “Almost Settled” set in NYC. Her first feature as a director – “Everything Is Wonderful,” which she also wrote and starred in, premiered in 2017 at Thessaloniki Film Festival and was a finalist at the Chelsea Film Festival. Additional acting credits include “The American Sausage Standoff” alongside Ewen Bremner and Antony Starr and “The Upside” alongside Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston.


She also spent two years as the singer of the Electronica/Rock band M.A.U., signed by Universal Music Portugal.











August 2022

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