Talent Name
Alessandro Sperduti



Tommaso Masini in “Leonardo”


Alessandro Sperduti stars as Tommaso Masini in The CW’s new series “Leonardo.” Tommaso is a confident and ambitious man, with a jealous streak which rears its head when he feels threatened and leads him to behave vindictively when he attempts to sabotage Leonardo’s chances of becoming Maestro Verrocchio’s first apprentice. However, he is able to admit when he is wrong and own up to his mistakes. After years of working alongside Leonardo, the pair fall out when Tommaso realizes that Leonardo is willing to put his art above their lives, and so he leaves his company. Tommaso often has strong opinions and voices them so when he is called upon to give a character reference for Leonardo, he doesn’t hold back.


Sperduti was born and raised in Rome, Italy. After beginning his acting career in a handful of small, background roles in 1998, he found his first big role in 2001 as Federico Scalise in “Distretto di polizia,” an Italian television series.


He has since appeared in television series like “Noi,” “Orgoglio,” “My Daughters,” “I liceali,” “Un matrimonio,” and “Medici.” Sperduti has also acted on the big screen in “I Am David,” “Paul, Apostle of Christ,” “Mollami” and “Three Floors.”


Sperduti just recently wrapped up a third season on the Italian television series “Nero a metà.” He began his performance as Marco Cantabella in 2018 and has appeared in nearly every episode of the show.