Talent Name
Antonio de Matteo



Sanseverino in “Leonardo”


Antonio de Matteo stars as Sanseverino in The CW’s new series “Leonardo.” Fiercely loyal, Sanseverino is Ludovico Sforza’s military commander and right-hand man, protecting his leader against any security threats and quick to punish anyone who dares betray the Duke Regent. He is intelligent and ruthless. He shares Ludovico’s thirst for power, believes Ludovico is the rightful ruler of Milan, and will do anything to help him achieve this.


Born in Caserta, Campania, Italy, de Matteo has been appearing on screen consistently since his first short film, “Mon Cher,” in 2002. He has had roles in films ranging from “Oceans Twelve” and “Dormant Beauty,” to “The Pyramid” and “Malerba.”


He also acts in television shows including “Don Matteo,” “Love, Inevitably,” “Trust” and “Flash.” de Matteo is most well known for his appearances in the television series, “Medici” as Claudio, and the film “Good Morning, Night” as Fratello Chiara.





August 2022