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Freddie Highmore


Stefano Giraldi in “Leonardo”

Freddie Highmore stars as Stefano Giraldi in The CW’s new series “Leonardo.” Stefano Giraldi is an officer of the law in Milan: young, ambitious and gifted. He is utterly devoted to the job and driven to become successful by any means available. When an unusual case arrives through the doors of the Podestà – Leonardo da Vinci, the most famous artist of his day, is accused of murder – Stefano sees a chance to make his name, but quickly notices some of the details of the case don’t quite add up.

Born in Camden Town, London, England, Highmore is an English actor who rose to fame following his roles in “Five Children and It,” “Finding Neverland,” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” While he did start acting young, Highmore also attended Highgate School and, later, attended Cambridge’s Emmanuel College where he earned a double-first degree in English and Arabic.

Highmore’s first role was in 1999 when he played the role of Helena Bonham Carter’s son in “Women Talking Dirty.” Following this film and his acting in “Finding Neverland” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” Freddie Highmore became a well sought-after young English actor. He starred in the 2007 film, “August Rush” as the titular character, “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” “The Art of Getting By,” and “Almost Friends.”

In 2013, Highmore landed a role as the iconic Norman Bates in the television series, “Bates Motel,” a role where he was nominated and won a number of accolades. Most recently, he has been starring as Dr. Shaun Murphy in “The Good Doctor.” Beyond portraying the lead character, Highmore has also had the opportunity to direct, write, and produce episodes of the show.








June 2022