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Matilda De Angelis


Caterina De Cremona in “Leonardo”

Matilda De Angelis stars as Caterina De Cremona in The CW’s new series “Leonardo.” Closest friend and companion to Leonardo, Caterina is unlike any woman Leonardo has ever met: born poor but with a restless, indomitable spirit and a presence that captivates him. She is self-assured, outspoken and doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but underneath her outwardly assertive and confident demeanor, there is a vulnerability and suffering which only Leonardo can detect. Caterina is idealistic in her pursuit for a better life and for love.


A talented and promising young, Italian actress, De Angelis had her first lead role in the 2016 film, “Italian Race” where she played a highly skilled GT racer. From there, she landed roles in more productions including lead roles in “The Prize,” “Youtopia,” “Reckless” and “Divine,” and a supporting role in “A Family.”


While she was starring in these films, De Angelis also took on a starring role in the Italian comedy series, “Tutto può succedere.” In 2020, she took part in the Netflix original, “Rose Island,” as Gabriella, one of the leads, and in 2021, she was the lead in the heart-wrenching drama, “Atlas.”














June 2022