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Camila Moreno


Lourdes in “Naomi”


Camila Moreno stars as Lourdes in The CW’s new superhero drama “Naomi.” Lourdes works at the local comic book shop and shares Naomi’s obsession with Superman.


A fresh face in the entertainment industry, Moreno has quickly positioned herself as one-to-watch. Moreno is a native of Puerto Rico, where she grew up attending a bi-lingual school focusing on math and science. Knowing at a young age that she needed a creative outlet, Moreno became active many extracurricular activities, including art, writing, the forensics league in English and Spanish, and she helped put together the school’s literary magazine.


Moreno attended the University of Puerto Rico where she majored in acting, and she won the Victoria Espinosa Award for best actress of her graduating class. Moreno auditioned for and was one of sixteen selected for NYU’s prestigious Graduate Acting Program, where she had the opportunity to play characters such as Irina in “Three Sisters,” Mayannah in “Brainpeople,” Cordelia in “King Lear” and Ophelia in “Hamlet.” She went on to graduate with a Master of Fine Arts from New York University.


When not on set, Moreno enjoys creating mosaics, participating in health and wellness activities, and exploring the world of fashion.


Moreno currently splits her time between Atlanta and Puerto Rico.















January 2022

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