About the Show

Fresh off the groundbreaking VERONICA MARS feature film, Ryan Hansen knows that it's finally time to give the Marshmallows what they've really been waiting for – the Dick Casablancas spin-off series, "Private Dick," with Dick as the suave, wise-cracking, bad-ass private eye he was always meant to be. With a brilliant treatment for the show in hand, now Ryan just needs to convince… literally anyone else that this is a great idea.

By begging, cajoling, and performing some unsavory-sounding favors, Ryan manages to sign his former VERONICA MARS castmates on for the "Private Dick" pilot, including Kristen Bell ("Veronica"), Jason Dohring ("Logan"), Enrico Colantoni ("Keith"), Percy Daggs III ("Wallace"), and Francis Capra ("Weevil") all reprising their original roles. Ryan knows that "Private Dick" has everything a VERONICA MARS fan has been starving for: guns, tricked-out muscle cars, chase sequences, catch-phrases, and all the Dick they could ask for.

PLAY IT AGAIN DICK is created and executive produced by Rob Thomas ("Veronica Mars," "Party Down," "iZombie"), and is written by Rob Thomas and Bob Dearden. The series is produced by Danielle Stokdyk and directed by Viet Nguyen.



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