Tuesdays (8:00-8:30 p.m. ET) on The CW


In each episode of RECIPE FOR DISASTER, three professional chefs and their cooking buddies compete to prepare spectacular dishes under absurdly adverse conditions. Our studio transforms into a bizarre new world each week, replete with themed disasters that challenge our chefs in ways they never imagined. They will attempt the perfect sear while stuck on a "sinking cruise ship" during a tropical storm, try their hand at risotto while bouncing in baby jumpers, or create earth-shattering gnocchi with nothing but a chisel and rock hammer while dining with dinosaurs. To make matters worse, their cooking buddies are people from their lives who are total kitchen novices. Who will impress the judges, and whose dishes will succumb to the ridiculous disasters du jour? Ultimately, only one team will be crowned Masters of Disaster!


Produced by 3Bird Media, RECIPE FOR DISASTER is executive produced by Jennifer Twamley, Andrika Lawren, and Cyle Zezo.



June 2023