Talent Name
Derral Eves


Executive Producer, “The Chosen”



Derral Eves is an executive producer of the international hit series “The Chosen.”


Eves’ unique skills in audience development and project distribution account for much the worldwide exposure and success for “The Chosen.” Eves has worked on countless video projects for two decades – but when he came across “The Chosen,” he felt like everything he had done in his career and personal life had been leading to this project. It is his No. 1 career passion and focus.


Eves is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author of The YouTube Formula. He is also the founder of Creatus, a marketing and consulting company, and founder of VidSummit, an annual video conference. He has helped 34 YouTube channels go from zero to more than a million subscribers and has generated over 84 billion video views on YouTube.

























June 2023









January 2023