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Katie Findlay

Kate Carver in “Walker Independence”


Katie Findlay stars as Kate Carver in The CW’s highly anticipated new series WALKER INDEPENDENCE. An eccentric burlesque dancer in Independence, Kate makes a big effort to befriend Abby (Katherine McNamara), who is clearly a fish out of water.  There’s a depth, but also an off-kilter humor to Kate’s attitude, her every move.  Kate senses that Abby has a secret worth confessing and goes out of her way to offer her a place to live so she can stay close to this mysterious new citizen of Independence. Turns out that Kate has her own secret – she’s a Pinkerton agent, in town to investigate the criminal underworld that’s starting to take root out West. 


Findlay was a recent breakout star on the festival circuit in the critically-acclaimed, rom-com indy feature “Straight Up” from writer-director James Sweeney, which is now streaming on Netflix.  


Findlay was also seen acting (and singing) in multiple episodes of the acclaimed series “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.”  Additionally, Findlay was able to work in their hometown in the Vancouver-based series for The CW, “Nancy Drew.”  In 2019, Findlay filmed the lead role in the 2019 pilot “Heart of Life” after receiving rave reviews as the co-star and love-interest to Jay Baruchel in the final season of the cult comedy series “Man Seeking Woman.”

TV audiences may know them best from the explosive storyline throughout the first season of Shonda Rhimes’ hit series “How To Get Away With Murder” and the series regular role in The CW’s “The Carrie Diaries.”  However, Findlay gained initial attention in 2011 when they were cast as the doomed teenager Rosie Larsen in the drama series “The Killing” and was prominently featured as the face of the marketing campaign for the show’s breakthrough first season.









July 2022