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Marc in “Wild Cards”


Jonesy stars as Marc, the adorable cat whose owner is Detective Cole Ellis (Giacomo Gianniotti), in The CW’s new series “Wild Cards.”


Jonesy is a five-year-old Devon Rex cat with a love of acting and cardboard boxes. Before joining the cast of “Wild Cards,” he graced the screen in the Netflix series “Brand New Cherry Flavour,” Hallmark Channel’s “Must Love Christmas” and “Family Law,” in which he skillfully did his own stunts and rode on a Roomba vacuum cleaner.


When not on set (which is most of the time), Jonesy lives in a lovely house on acreage with five other cats, two dogs, two goats, five chickens and two pigeons. They are all good friends. Although mainly an indoor kitty, he does get supervised outings in the yard where he loves to chase butterflies and find a sunny spot for sun basking.


When driving to set or just going on errands, Jonesy happily rides along in his little hammock chair in the passenger seat getting lots of attention from onlookers, as a big star should.


Like his “Wild Cards” character “Marc,” Jonesy is a great listener, is very observant and has a wonderful sense of adventure. He prepared for his role of acting on a yacht in a busy harbor with training and treats, making his owner very proud.


Jonesy hasn’t let fame go to his head. He loves to give kisses and is just as happy sitting in a box as he is a soft fluffy bed. Although he does sometimes insist on drinking water from the goldfish tank over plain tap water.
















December 2023