Greta Onieogou
Layla Keating

Layla Keating in “All American

In The CW’s new drama “All American,” Greta Onieogou stars as Layla Keating, Beverly High’s “It Girl,” but when she gets home, to her empty mansion, she’s just a lonely girl in a lonely world. Kinder than she seems, Layla feels an immediate connection with Spencer (Daniel Ezra). It wouldn’t be a problem if her boyfriend, Asher (Cody Christian), didn’t see it as one.

Onieogou’s interest in acting began at an early age and was cultivated further when she was accepted into the prestigious Claude Watson Arts School at age 9. Throughout her near 10 years in the arts intensive program, Onieogou participated in a number of stage productions including “Romeo & Juliet,” Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes” and an original stage adaptation of Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall.”

Onieogou’s first major film role came at the age of 12 in “Fever Pitch.” She has guest starred in television’s “Frankie Drake” and “Ransom.” She has appeared in the critically acclaimed film “Miss Sloane” directed by John Madden and starred in the film “Undercover Grandpa” alongside James Caan. Subsequent credits in film and television include five seasons with “Heartland,” Shaftesbury Films’ “Overruled,” David Bezmozgis’ “Victoria Day” and “Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters.”
















August 2018