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Drake Rodger

John Winchester in “The Winchesters”


In The CW’s new supernatural thriller “The Winchesters,” Drake Rodger stars as John Winchester. Recently returned from Vietnam, the selfless and clearheaded John Winchester finds a new mission back home, when a mysterious letter leads him to the discover his father's hidden past in a secret, monster fighting organization. Determined to get to the bottom of who his dad really was, John joins Mary (Meg Donnelly) to train as a hunter so he can help her fight the war between good and evil.

Rodger has established himself as one of the most promising performers of the new generation. He will next be seen in Michael Carney’s feature film drama “Quiet In My Town,” which follows the lives of the citizens of a picturesque town, devoted to football, family and God. Rodger is also featured in the upcoming thriller “Mantra,” written by Dan Franklin and Alex Suarez. The film is about a young man who is haunted by his murdered brother and turns to a psychiatrist whose unorthodox treatment twists his world even further. Both films are currently in post-production.

More recently, Rodger appeared as Judd in the Paramount+ film “The In Between,” alongside Joey King and Kyle Allen. After surviving a car accident that took the life of her boyfriend, a teenage girl believes he’s attempting to reconnect with her from the after world. The film debuted on February 11, 2022. Additional credits include the horror thriller “Not Alone,” directed by Lydelle Jackson and Cezil Reed, Mike Gallant’s sci-fi short film “Terra Beach,” and the Ken Brisbois’ drama “Murder RX.”

Rodger is currently based in New Orleans for production, but when not filming resides in Los Angeles, California.













September 2022