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Jojo Fleites

Carlos Cervantez in “The Winchesters”


In The CW’s newest supernatural thriller “The Winchesters,” Jonathan “Jojo” Fleites stars as the easygoing and confident Carlos Cervantez. As an experienced hunter, Carlos has a flair for the dramatic and the deadly. He’s a natural when it comes to fighting demons and a boost of positivity and fun as the team is forced to take on more serious threats.

Fleites, a NYC native, has appeared in several stage productions in iconic roles including, Neil “Woof” Donovan in “Hair,” Paul San Marco in “A Chorus Line” and Angel in “RENT.” 


In their spare time, Fleites creates, produces, and directs their own projects for their YouTube channel and Instagram, and has a renewed sense of hope and purpose that the creatives in this industry can foster an environment that promotes inclusivity for underrepresented bodies such as People of Color, LGBTQIA+, Non-Binary and Trans Artists.


“The Winchesters” marks Fleites’ television debut and they are so grateful to have been given an opportunity to advocate and re-engage in the process of creating art and helping pave the way for the stories of underrepresented groups to be told.


Fleites identifies as non-Binary and their pronouns are They/Them/He.

September 2022